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What is SMP (Hair Tattoo) for Men?

Most men begin to lose their hair before they even hit their 30s; this is completely normal and much more common than you may think. Scalp micropigmentation (often referred to as SMP) is a type of hair tattoo that is non-surgical and non-invasive, meaning it is a much more pleasant experience that other hair replacement services such as a hair transplant. Using a digital machine and a natural pigment, lead artist Johnny is able to replicate the illusion of individual hair follicles to mimic a closely shaved head. If you are near to Lancaster or Philadelphia near Pennsylvania, then Johnny Blackbeard is here to help you.
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Where do you start when considering SMP?

When you visit our studio for a consultation, we will assess your scalp to determine your level of hair loss and to do this, we will refer to something called the Norwood Scale. The Norwood Scale is the ultimate classification system that is used to enable us to measure the extent of your male pattern baldness. 
Furthermore we will map out your new hairline to make sure it is suitable to your face shape, keeping your hairline as natural as possible. 
With SMP, you are guaranteed to get results instantly with absolutely no downtime. The best thing about it is these results are 100% natural and will be completely undetectable to the naked eye. SMP has the ability to give you a more youthful appearance and restore your confidence. It is now so much more common for men to get this treatment. 
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