SMP For Women

Not just for men

Why Do Women Get SMP?

For most women, their hair is what determines a huge part of their identity, so when they start to lose it, or it begins to thin, a bit of their identity goes along with it. 
A lot if women are guilty of putting there hair back to get it off their faces and we think you will agree when we say the hair gets pulled back tight; this can cause something called ‘traction alopecia’ and causes the hair to thin around the hairline at the top of the scalp. 
However, this isn’t the only reason some women begin to lose their. Hair loss in women can occur from medication, pre/post partum hormonal changes, stress, genetics and much more – therefore turning to scalp micropigmentation (SMP).

With SMP, lead artist Johnny will work through your hair section by section, layering the pigment to create a 3D effect to your hairline. He will blend the pigment in with your natural hair to create the illusion of thicker and fuller hair. 

Consultation Process for our Density treatment (SMP)

Similar to the SMP process for men, women will have a thorough consultation with our expert Johnny. Here he will assess the level of your hair loss according to the Ludwig Scale. Like the Norwood Scale, this will measure the extent of your hair loss, but it is for women. 
Working through your hair we will look at the areas that need thickness and density adding to it and naturally blend that pigment with your existing hairline. 
SMP for women is becoming much more common and much more popular across the whole of the USA including right here in the heart of Lancaster, Pennsylvania.
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